Top Value Holiday Destinations for 2024

The Post Office has released its annual Holiday Spending Report for 2024, highlighting the best value destinations.

Surprisingly, for a change, the top spot didn’t go to Spain. Among Brits who had visited Greece, 94 percent said it was the best value destination.

Looking for the best value holiday destinations in 2024? Here’s a list of the top spots that offer great experiences without breaking the bank.

*% is travellers who rated it great Value in the Post Office Poll

  1. Greece – 94%: A perfect blend of ancient history, stunning beaches, and vibrant nightlife makes Greece a top choice.
  2. Mainland Spain – 93%: Enjoy beautiful cities, cultural festivals, and delicious cuisine at fantastic prices.
  3. Canary Islands – 93%: With year-round sunshine and diverse landscapes, the Canary Islands offer endless outdoor adventures.
  4. Portugal – 92%: Known for its scenic coastline, charming cities, and affordable wines, Portugal is a traveler’s delight.
  5. Turkey – 92%: Experience rich history, unique cuisine, and stunning coastlines without spending a fortune.
  6. Bulgaria – 89%: Ideal for budget travelers, Bulgaria offers beautiful beaches, mountains, and historic sites.
  7. Thailand – 89%: Exotic, vibrant, and affordable, Thailand boasts beautiful beaches, temples, and bustling markets.
  8. Balearic Islands – 87%: Relax on pristine beaches and explore lively towns on a budget-friendly Mediterranean escape.
  9. Mexico – 87%: From ancient ruins to stunning beaches and delicious food, Mexico offers incredible value.
  10. Malta – 86%: Discover the rich history, stunning architecture, and crystal-clear waters of this Mediterranean gem.
  11. Cyprus – 86%: Enjoy sun-soaked beaches, ancient ruins, and vibrant nightlife in this affordable island paradise.
  12. South Africa – 85%: From safaris to scenic drives, South Africa offers diverse and budget-friendly adventures.
  13. Egypt – 85%: Explore ancient wonders and vibrant cities without breaking the bank in Egypt.
  14. Vietnam – 85%: A paradise for budget travelers, Vietnam offers breathtaking landscapes and delicious street food.
  15. Croatia – 83%: Known for its stunning coastline and historic towns, Croatia provides great value for your money.
  16. Canada – 79%: Explore vast wilderness, vibrant cities, and diverse cultures in this affordable North American destination.
  17. Italy – 79%: Experience world-class art, historic sites, and mouth-watering cuisine at reasonable prices.
  18. New Zealand – 79%: With its stunning landscapes and outdoor adventures, New Zealand offers good value for nature lovers.
  19. Caribbean – 79%: Enjoy tropical beaches and crystal-clear waters in the Caribbean without overspending.
  20. Australia – 74%: Known for its unique wildlife and stunning beaches, Australia offers great value for a long-haul destination.
  21. Sri Lanka – 73%: From lush landscapes to ancient temples, Sri Lanka offers a rich cultural experience on a budget.
  22. Kenya – 73%: Experience incredible wildlife and natural beauty in Kenya at a reasonable cost.
  23. Mauritius – 68%: This island paradise offers stunning beaches and luxurious resorts at competitive prices.
  24. USA – 67%: Explore diverse cities and landscapes in the USA, with many budget-friendly travel options.
  25. France – 65%: Known for its rich culture and cuisine, France can be enjoyed on a budget with careful planning.
  26. Dubai – 51%: Experience luxury shopping, modern architecture, and desert adventures in Dubai.
  27. Switzerland – 38%: Known for its stunning landscapes and high living standards, Switzerland is more expensive but worth the splurge.
  28. Scandinavia – 38%: Explore the natural beauty and modern cities of Scandinavia, but be prepared for higher costs.