Alanya Airport (Gazipasa) – Frequently Asked Questions

Whilst all of the UK tour operators fly into Antalaya airport for their Alanya Holiday programs, there is an airport much closer to the resort.

Alanya Gazipasa airport is just a 30 minute drive to Alanya (Antalaya is closer to 2 hours).

Here are some Frequently Asked Questions about Alanya Airport (Gazipasa).

Direct Flights to Alanya Gazipasa from the UK

There are currently no direct flights from Alanya Gazipasa airport to the UK. Turkish Airlines fly indirectly via Istanbul Airport. You could enjoy a few nights exploring Istanbul as a stop-over – before heading to Gazipasa for a relaxing beach break in Alanya.

How big is Gazipasa Airport?

The airport is tiny compared to Antalaya airport – the airport can only handle 2 flights at once.

What facilities does Gazipasa Airport have?

Facilities at Gazipasa airport are very limited. You won’t find a great selection of shops, bars and cafe’s etc.

There is one single Cafe that serves drinks and sandwiches etc, but it is seriously overpriced. We recommend eating before you travel from Alanya Gazipasa airport or bringing some snacks with you. For example, a can of coke from the airport cafe sets you back 150 Lira, a bottle of beer from 300 Lira.

There are several vending machines that have a habit of taking your money and not providing you with a drink.

Is there wifi at Gazipasa Airport?

There is free wifi for 2 hours available. You need to provide your mobile number to confirm the connection and then it is valid for 2 hours. There is no option to purchase additional time once you have utilised your free 2 hours of wifi.

Can I smoke in Alanya Gazipasa Airport?

The cafe has an outdoor section where you can smoke. This area is prior to passing through the security section, but as the airport is so small you can stay in this area very close to your flight departure time.

Which airlines fly from Alanya Gazipasa Airport?

The main airlines are Turkish Airlines & Pegasus. There are also flights with SAS, Finnair and Norwegian to Scandic cities.

How much is a taxi from Gazipasa airport to Alanya?

A taxi will cost you around 200 Lira one way – you can also book a shared shuttle service with DT transfers.