Win Free flight tickets to Hong Kong

Hong Kong are launching a scheme to entice back tourists. They are giving away 500,000 airline tickets with carriers such as Cathay Pacific, Hong Kong Express and Hong Kong Airlines. The scheme will run for 6 months starting on 01 March.

Prize flight tickets will initially be allocated to visitors from south-east Asian countries (such as Thailand and Malaysia), and then to mainland China and in north-east Asia.

A small allocation of the tickets will also be handed out to visitors from Europe and the US – and there are speculations that tickets will be available free from the UK from around 01 May 2023

How do I win Free tickets to Hong Kong?

No details have been announced yet on how to win tickets from the UK to Hong Kong – but the UK prizes that are anticipated to be distributed from 01 May, are likely to be announced on the Cathay Pacific website.

Of course Travel Update UK will keep you updated should we get any more information.

If you are keen to be first inline – it may be worth signing up to the Cathay Pacific mailing list to get notified.

If you’re in Thailand, Philippines or Singapore you can register to win here.

Why are they giving away free tickets to Hong Kong?

The Hong Kong Tourism Board bulk purchased tickets in 2020 as part of the government initiative scheme for the aviation and tourism sector.

The Hong Kong tourism sector was already struggling even prior to the pandemic due to civil unrest.

The Tourism board are hoping to bring back the tourists and support those that are dependent on this sector.

 In 2018, tourism contributed to around 4.5% of Hong Kong’s GDP and employed around 257 000 persons, accounting for about 6.6% of total employment. Last year – these figures were close to 0%