Alert for UK Travellers: Spain Bracing for Scorching Summer! Experts Warn of Extreme Heat Waves and Water Shortages

According to experts, Spain is gearing up for a summer that’s set to be “extremely hot” and full of challenges for holidaymakers from the UK.

The Spanish Meteorological Agency, AEMET, has issued a warning, stating that there’s a high probability of an unusually hot summer looming on the horizon. This news comes in the wake of the country’s recent battle with severe drought conditions.

NASA reports that Spain has received a staggering 28 percent less rainfall than expected by mid-May 2023, according to Spain’s meteorological agency. Consequently, the drought has resulted in water restrictions being implemented across the popular holiday destination.

Rubén Del Campo, a spokesperson for AEMET, revealed that the latest data indicates a continuation of the scorching temperatures experienced in Spain last year, which happened to be the hottest year ever recorded in the country. Del Campo emphasized, “We can say that this summer will be among the hottest in recent decades.”

The heat has already been intensifying, as Spain recently witnessed its hottest spring on record, along with the second driest. Del Campo further highlighted, “We are already accustomed to breaking records; March and April were scorching, and May was relatively normal. This year marks the second warmest spring in historical records. Surface water temperatures observed in 2022 were the highest since at least 1940.”

On the other hand, Estrella Gutiérrez, also from AEMET, offered a glimmer of hope by mentioning that this summer could potentially bring more rainfall compared to previous years.