Easyjet Agent Log in

Here is the login: https://www.easyjet.com/en/holidays/trade-portal/log-in

Please contact the trade support team at trade.distribution@easyjet.com for password details

Your agent number is case sensitive, please try both capital and non-capital letters if you are having issues logging in.

Welcome to EasyJet’s Agent Login page for the EasyJet Trade website. This dedicated portal is designed specifically for travel agents and provides a range of tools and resources to assist you in booking flights, managing reservations, and accessing important information for your clients.

Logging into the EasyJet Trade website allows travel agents to access a variety of features and benefits that are tailored to their specific needs. Here’s an overview of what you can expect when using the EasyJet Agent Login:

  1. Flight Booking: As an EasyJet trade agent, you can easily search for and book packages on behalf of your clients. The user-friendly interface allows you to specify travel dates, destinations, and other relevant details to find the most suitable flights for your clients’ needs. You can compare fares, view flight availability, and make reservations effortlessly.
  2. Manage Reservations: Once you have booked flights for your clients, the EasyJet Agent Login allows you to efficiently manage their reservations. You can access and modify bookings, update passenger details, make changes to itineraries, and even process cancellations if necessary. This flexibility ensures that you can provide excellent customer service and promptly address any changes or updates required.
  3. Fare Options and Ancillaries: The EasyJet Trade website provides comprehensive information about the various fare options available for your clients. You can explore different ticket types, fare rules, baggage allowances, and onboard amenities to offer the best options to suit their preferences and budget. Additionally, you can add ancillaries such as seat selection, extra baggage, or in-flight meals to enhance your clients’ travel experience.
  4. Special Services: EasyJet values its partnership with travel agents and understands the importance of personalised service. The Agent Login platform offers special services, including dedicated support channels, where you can contact EasyJet representatives for assistance, guidance, or to resolve any queries you may have. This direct communication ensures a smooth booking process and strengthens the collaboration between EasyJet and travel agents.
  5. Marketing and Promotions: EasyJet keeps travel agents informed about the latest promotions, offers, and marketing materials through the Agent Login platform. You can access marketing collateral, view current campaigns, and stay updated on any exclusive deals or incentives for your clients. This feature enables you to provide your customers with the most up-to-date information and attractive offers.

To access the EasyJet Trade Agent Login, you will need your unique login credentials provided by EasyJet. These credentials typically include a username and password, which you can enter on the login page of the EasyJet Trade website. If you encounter any issues with logging in or require assistance with your account, there is usually a dedicated support team available to help you resolve any technical or operational problems.

In conclusion, the EasyJet Agent Login for the EasyJet Trade website offers travel agents a convenient and efficient platform to manage flight bookings, handle reservations, access fare information, and benefit from dedicated support services. By utilising this platform, travel agents can provide their clients with a seamless booking experience and offer personalised services tailored to their individual travel requirements.