Goodbye to 100ml liquids and gel rules at UK airports

Whilst regular UK travellers have become accustomed to adhering to airport security liquid rules, the end of having to think of where to pack your perfume and shave foam, will come as welcome news to most.

The rules at airport security, regarding liquid limits and electronic device removal, are set to be relaxed over the next two years. This will be from most major UK airports.

Currently all passengers are required to remove all electronic devices bigger than a mobile (so kindle, tablets and laptops etc) from their cabin baggage, while all liquids and gels, have to be removed and are limited to 100ml and must be able to fit in one bag.

Over the next few years, new cutting edge tech is being implemented at UK airport security. It will mean that travellers will no longer have to separate their luggage and can carry upto 2 liters of liquids instead of 100ml!

As well as seriously reducing airport security wait time – it’s also going to make air travel safer – as security staff will have more detailed images of what people are carrying.

This change in passing through the airport will be the biggest change in in decades for airport travel from the UK.

When will the new security machines be at my airport?

Manchester Airport, Gatwick, Birmingham & Heathrow

These airports have not yet provided an exact date but they will have to abide by the government deadline to install of June 2023

Teeside airport

Teesside International Airport in Darlington has become the first airport in the UK to be fully ready for new security rules, having installed a second CT scanner at its security checkpoint.

18 months ahead of the deadline, Teesside has installed a second C3-compliant scanner. This new machine joins an existing scanner at the airport, which was trialled last year to speed up the security process.

Glasgow Airport