Half of Brits contemplating or planning a getaway for October and November

  • Holiday bookings for October and November surge by 26%
  • Over three-quarters (73%) of Brits crave a holiday, with more than half considering or planning one for October and November
  • Weather guru John Kettley provides a comprehensive weather outlook for 25 popular holiday destinations to help travelers find the sunshine

Holiday bookings for October and November have spiked by 26% compared to the previous year, as Brits yearn for a last-minute sun-soaked escape following a dreary summer.

The surge in travelers seeking sunshine comes as no surprise, with a recent study revealing that 73% of Brits feel the need for another vacation after enduring a rainy summer, including one of the wettest Julys on record.

With a multitude of sun-seekers in search of respite, travel experts at On the Beach have enlisted the expertise of legendary weatherman John Kettley to provide valuable guidance on ideal destinations for those craving high temperatures.

Meteorologist John Kettley, known for launching the first international weather forecast on BBC World Service Television, has presented On the Beach with his most extensive and detailed weather report to date, covering 25 of the most sought-after autumn vacation spots.

With over half of Brits (58%) either contemplating or planning a getaway for October and November, John’s weather predictions are intended to assist those aiming to escape the gloomy UK weather and select their dream destination.

According to John, for those seeking extreme heat and abundant sunshine, places like Las Vegas, Dubai, and Thailand are set to sizzle with temperatures soaring up to 39 degrees in October. However, Thailand may experience daily downpours due to monsoon season.

The Canary Islands, encompassing popular destinations such as Lanzarote, Tenerife, Gran Canaria, and Fuerteventura, promise perfect holiday weather, boasting highs of 27 degrees and up to eight hours of daily sunshine. John anticipates only one or two days of rain this month, making it an excellent choice for an autumn break.

Egypt and Turkey, two destinations that have witnessed a surge in popularity since 2019, also offer splendid October weather according to John. Resorts like Hurghada and Sharm-el-Sheikh in Egypt will bask in highs of 32 degrees, minimal rainfall, and clear warm waters, making October beach days a reality. Antalya in Turkey enjoys fantastic early autumn weather with temperatures near 29°C, thanks to its protection from wetter weather to the north.

Cyprus remains a popular October getaway, with John reporting that temperatures will stay high at 30 degrees. While occasional thunder showers are triggered by sea temperatures above 26 degrees, they remain relatively light, averaging less than 10mm. On average, a shower occurs roughly one day in six, with nine hours of sunshine prevailing.

Despite its proximity to the Atlantic Ocean, Agadir in Morocco boasts a climate often described as tropical. According to John, while October brings a sense of autumn, this year is unusually hot. Cooler weather is predicted later in the month with about five days of rain, but temperatures will still hover around 25 degrees. Marrakesh, located away from the sea’s influence, experiences hotter conditions, with around eight hours of daily sunshine and afternoon temperatures exceeding 35 degrees.

In Spain, Benidorm’s summer heat extends into autumn, offering temperatures around 27 degrees on most days along with a refreshing coastal breeze. Greece maintains warm sea temperatures of 23 degrees, with only six days of expected rainfall.

Zoe Harris, Chief Customer Officer at On the Beach, commented, “After witnessing a surge in bookings for October and November due to the disappointing wet summer, we knew we had to bring back the legendary John Kettley. He has provided a comprehensive weather forecast for all our top destinations, ensuring you can book your holiday with confidence, knowing that sunshine is guaranteed.”

Google Analytics reveals a 67% increase in searches for last-minute sun getaways in the past week alone, and with the likelihood of more rain in November, John’s November forecast becomes equally vital for vacationers seeking to dodge showers and bask in the sun.

John’s top picks for fantastic weather in November include Mexico’s Riviera Maya, which maintains temperatures close to 28 degrees with minimal rainfall, Sharm-el-Sheikh and Hurghada in Egypt, where highs of 29 degrees are still achievable with only 2mm of expected rain, and Orlando in Florida, where November sees reduced hurricane threats and milder temperatures, making theme park visits more enjoyable.

The Canary Islands continue to offer excellent November weather, with just 15mm of rainfall for the month, a stark contrast to the UK’s average of 125mm in November.

In mainland Spain and Greece, temperatures will reach highs of 20 degrees, and travelers can expect up to five hours of daily sunshine. Sea temperatures are cooler but still reach 18 degrees, higher than the average outside temperature in the UK.

The Dominican Republic and Jamaica also promise up to eight hours of sunshine in November, with temperatures reaching 29 degrees. A few brief downpours may occur, but warm weather dominates.

In Thailand, John reports that while thundery showers are still possible early in the month, the dry season takes over afterward, providing sunnier skies and drier weather. It remains hot and humid but less oppressive than earlier months, with the sunniest days offering up to nine hours of sunshine and rain expected on only five days.

John Kettley, the legendary weatherman, remarked, “This summer has been an absolute washout; the unpredictable British weather has dampened everyone’s spirits – even the ducks seem in need of a break. There are plenty of hotspots to visit in October and November, proving that every cloud does indeed have a silver lining. Brits can still enjoy some sun before the year is out. Leave the rain behind, board the plane, and trade your umbrellas for unforgettable holidays at these amazing destinations, promising abundant sunshine and affordable getaways.”