Hua Hin from Manchester

Hua Hin Thailand

Hua Hin from Manchester

Thinking of visiting Hua Hin from Manchester? Hua Hin offers an escape from the hustle and bustle of Bangkok, the capital city of Thailand. Hua Hin is not a hugely popular tourist hotspot but it attracts locals that seek a weekend and holiday getaway from the crowded city. The town is a great spot to go if you are looking for a place in Thailand devoid of tourist crowds. You are going to find a variety of tourist spots in the town that you can explore. Some of the best places to go in Hua Hin are listed below.

Top things to do in Hua Hin

Explore the Cicada Market

If you are an art lover and you are seeking an artistic experience while in Thailand, the Cicada Market is the perfect spot to go. The market comprises of four sections namely Art Indoor, rt a la Mode, Art of Eat, and Art of Act. You are going to find almost everything about local Thai art that you can buy from handicrafts to music. You can head to the beer garden if you want to boost your creativity. You can eat to the Art of Eat if you are a food lover as you will get an insight into the Thai cuisine and how it is related to the history of the country.

Have fun at the Khao Takiab

Khao Takiab means the Chopsticks Hill and it offers tourists the chance to explore rural Thailand. The best thing to do here is to climb to the top of the mountain where you will enjoy mesmerizing sea views. Khao Takiab is also known as the Monkey Mountain as it houses a large number of monkeys. You can also try out varieties of watersports activities that are available such as para-sailing, kayaking, jet-skiing, banana boat rides, waterskiing, and so on. You are also going to find restaurants where you can try out the seafood in the area.

Relax at Hua Hin Beach

Most people are attracted to Hua Hin because of its beach. The beach in Hua Hin has a relaxing vibe and a great place where you can simply relax for hours under the sun. Although the beach is not the largest in the country, it is a great place to go for families and also to go swimming. There are also lots of family-friendly activities that you can try out such as banana boat rides and kitesurfing. There are also deckchairs and umbrellas that you can rent. You are also going to find beach vendors that are selling refreshments and local souvenirs that you can buy.

Have fun at the Black Mountain Water Park

This water park is a family-friendly attraction that you do not want to miss while in Hua Hin. The waterpark is surrounded by nine thrilling slides and six pools that you can try out. You will surely find something that will suit you once you get here. Some of the top things that you can do here are lounging around the lazy river, jump into the largest wave pool, try out the giant pool that is dedicated to water games, or simply relax under the shade.

Explore Hua Hin Safari

Hua Hin Safari is an adventure village which comprises of numerous nature trails that you can explore. The trails offer mind-blowing views of the town and also a chance to interact with wild animals. You can head to the adventure park where you can try out horse carriages, elephant trekking, polo, and numerous activities. The highlight is the elephant trekking where you will get to ride around the mountains and jungle and it is a unique experience not to miss out while in Thailand.

Go sightseeing at Maruekathaiyawan Palace

This is the summer palace of the royal family and it was constructed in the early 1920s. The palace is a great destination to go for architecture lovers as it is a great example of a typical hybrid architectural style of Thailand. The palace uses latticework, verandas, and high ceilings that allow the breeze to enter the building and keeping it cool. The palace also uses 1000 teak wood pillars as a mechanical support and to avoid the intrusion of seawater. The palace is also known as the Palace of Love and Hop as it symbolizes the hope that the king and his wife can live together with hope and love.

Hua Hin from Manchester

The best way to get to Hua Hin from Manchester is to fly Manchester to Bangkok and then take a taxi. There are no direct flights from Manchester to Hua-Hin, there are currently no direct flights either from Manchester to Bangkok. The most popular airline to fly from Manchester to Bangkok is probably Emirates or Ethiad, however you can often get some much cheaper airfares from Manchester to Bangkok with Turkish Airlines and Finnair via Helskinki.