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Slovakia, also known as the heart of Europe is surrounded by beautiful nature and friendly people. Slovakia is not only Bratislava, but a country of surprising contrasts.

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… Slovakia have world’s highest number of castles and chateaux per capita, which might surpise travellers who have never visited Slovakia. Can you imagine an incredible number of 180 castles and 425 chateaux in a country with population smaller than the city of Barcelona? The real highlight amongst Slovak castles is undoubtedly medieval Spiš Castle, which belongs to the largest castles in the Central Europe and was included in the UNESCO List of World’s Cultural and Natural Heritage.

Spiš Castle – foto (author: Pierre Bona,

… Slovakia is home of the tallest wooden altar in the world is in the old medieval town called Levoča. The entire town is in the List of UNESCO World Heritage sites. The most remarkable work created by Master Paul is located in Church of St. James right in the historical center. Altar 18,6 m high and 6 m wide was made without the use of a single nail.

Altar (author Igor Ľudma,

…Slovakia have an amazing nature with 9 national parks and 14 protected landscape areas is literally a paradise for tourists. Visit the wonderful mountains of High Tatras with glacier lakes and peaks over 2500 meters. Slovak Paradise, Low Tatras, Pieniny and Little Fatra with a beautiful valleys are just other spectacular places which you have to visit to complete the trip in Slovakia.

High Tatras (

…  yes it´s true that Slovakia have more than 6000 caves which have been discovered so far. Many of them represent unique natural wonders.A huge 33 m high sinter column in Krasnohorska cave is even listed in the Guinness Book of Records. Ochtinska Aragonite Cave is the only one aragonite cave located in Europe.

Aragonite in cave (author Jojo,

…Slovakia is geographical midpoint of Europe is located near the village Kremnické Bane. Due to the different types of calculations also another 7 European villages claim to host the hypothetical midpoint, but famous ski resort Krahule near the village Kremnické Bane is named „The Center of Europe“

foto (author: Doko,

… in the north of Slovakia is „Drawn village“ called Čičmany.Surrounded by mountains the village is famous especially for itstraditional wooden houses. More than 130 houses belong to the historic preservation area. The walls of these houses are decorated with white geometrical patterns, same shapes can be found on the folk costumes.



…Slovakia have an incredible sources of mineral water and healing thermal springs are used for therapeutic and recreational purposes. 21 Slovakia’s spa resorts and aquaparks are affordable thanks to their long-lasting traditions. The most popular spa town of Piešťany visited Romans, Celts and also famous Ludwig van Beethoven to enjoy the healing effects of townś thermal water.


… the capital city of Slovakia is the unique and only capital city in the world bordering two countries – Austria and Hungary. Bratislava is only around 60 km away from the Austrian capital Vienna. Both cities are stretched on the banks of Danube river and the boat cruise from Bratislava to Vienna takes only 90 minutes. In Bratislavayou can also find The Slovak National Uprising Bridge connects it to the other side of the Danube, one of the longest hanging bridges in the world, called also UFO.


…In 2009 the Slovak crown was withdrawn from circulation after 16 years of using and replaced by Euro. It means that Slovakia is not only a member of Eurpean Union (since2004) but also belong to the Eurozone countries. All surrounding countries expect Austria use their own currencies. The fact that Slovakia use euro give the country a big adventage for tourists.

… if you visit Slovakia you have to try the slovak national food called bryndzove halušky. Bryndza is a typical Slovak sheep milk cheese and it taste delicious. One of the slovaks favorite spirit is borovička flavored with juniper berries, just be careful while trying, it contains about 40% of alcohol.

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