Man Removed from Plane at East Midlands Airport Amid Bomb Alert

Armed law enforcement officials have removed an individual from a plane at East Midlands Airport following a bomb alert incident.

According to the police, the situation unfolded around 5:15 PM BST on Monday, prompted by reports of a passenger claiming to possess an explosive device.

Airport staff and law enforcement responded promptly, leading to the apprehension of the suspect. However, upon thorough inspection, no evidence of a hazardous item was found.

Witnesses confirmed that the Jet2 flight en route to Turkey experienced a delay of approximately three hours, causing subsequent disruptions to other flight schedules.

Originally slated for a 4:45 PM departure to Antalya, the flight eventually took off at 8:18 PM.

Leicestershire Police revealed that a 49-year-old male passenger was arrested on suspicion of being in possession of an explosive substance. He has since been released on bail as investigations persist.

Aircraft Subject to Comprehensive Examination

A spokesperson from the police department provided insights into the incident, stating, “At 5:16 PM today (Monday), police were alerted to a male passenger aboard an aircraft at East Midlands Airport who claimed to be carrying an explosive device.”

The aircraft was grounded at the time of the incident. “Working in conjunction with airport personnel and the flight crew, officers promptly responded to the report. In the interest of safety for the public and the police, armed officers were dispatched to the aircraft’s vicinity,” the spokesperson added.

The individual, in accordance with instructions, disembarked the aircraft safely and was subsequently detained.

A comprehensive search of the aircraft was carried out, yielding no discoveries of an explosive device on board. The threat made by the individual is deemed non-viable, with no indications of an actual danger.

Upon preliminary assessment, the need for aircraft evacuation was ruled out.

Jet2 Apologizes for Inconvenience

A representative from Jet2 acknowledged the incident, saying, “We confirm that flight LS653 from East Midlands to Antalya returned to the stand yesterday evening to offload a disruptive passenger in coordination with the police.”

The flight continued its journey once the passenger was removed.

Jet2 expressed regret for any inconvenience or distress caused by this unforeseen occurrence to all passengers on board.