Manchester Airport has turned to Chaos : Travellers are missing flights or getting cancelled last minute

People travelling via Manchester Airport recently have highly criticised the absolute “chaos” and disorganisation.

Travellers at the Manchester airport have had to battle hour long queues for check-in and security over the past month, with reports of people  missing flights or being cancelled last minute due to overbooking.

Manchester Airport apologised and admitted passengers’ experiences fell “below the standard we aim to provide”.

The issue is due to staff shortages. Airports had to reduce their workforce’s due to extremely low demand during the pandemic. But now restrictions are being lifted and people wanting to travel abroad again, they are struggling to recruit staff to keep up. 

Manchester Airport made a statement saying “”The removal of all travel restrictions after two years, coupled with the start of the summer travel season, has seen a rapid increase in passenger numbers, which is putting an enormous strain on our operation.

We are doing all we can to recruit the staff we need to meet this demand, but this is taking time due to the lengthy vetting and training processes involved.”

Travel Agents are reporting that their clients are feeding back too that the airports are a “shambles”

James Smith posted “Ba really are a shambles. No staff to scan boarding passes. No ground crew. The BA management have ALOT of explaining to do!!!”

If you’re travelling from Manchester airport over the coming weeks, ensure that you allow much more time than usual to check-in and get through to your departure gate.