Temporary Suspension: Eurostar Halts Amsterdam to London Train Service for Six Months

Dutch Railways (NS) has announced the temporary closure of the Amsterdam-Rotterdam-London route, Eurostar’s fastest-growing intercity route. The closure is scheduled for approximately six months, from June 2024 to January 2025. During this period, Eurostar trains will operate empty on the route, with London-bound travelers boarding in Brussels.

Passengers will still have the option to travel outbound from London to both Dutch cities. The closure is necessary due to the refurbishment of Centraal station in Amsterdam. The station will lack sufficient capacity to handle London-bound passengers, especially considering the increased post-Brexit formalities.

Over the past few months, negotiations have taken place involving NS, Eurostar, the Dutch infrastructure provider ProRail, and the Dutch government to address the logistical challenges posed by the station refurbishment.