The return of Direct Flights to Cuba!

Last year, TUI made headlines by discontinuing its direct service from Manchester to Cuba by April 2024, redirecting UK travelers to flights via mainland Europe or Canada. However, exciting news awaits as the UK will soon regain direct flights from London Gatwick and Manchester Airport, thanks to a new chartered service.

The route will be managed commercially by Iron Travel, with operational management handled by TripLatam. A weekly service from London Gatwick to Cayo Coco will commence from May 12, offering access to the breathtaking white sand beaches and crystal-clear waters of this Cuban archipelago. Simultaneously, flights from Manchester Airport will land in Holguin, a city brimming with squares, museums, and colonial charm.

These new routes promise fresh opportunities for UK travelers to explore Cuba’s diverse landscapes and vibrant culture. With direct flights, travelers can skip the hassle of layovers and enjoy a seamless journey to their dream destination. Whether you’re craving relaxation on pristine beaches, eager to delve into Cuba’s rich history and heritage, or simply seeking adventure off the beaten path, these new flight options open doors to unforgettable experiences.

And this is just the beginning – with more exciting long-haul destinations on the horizon, including Las Vegas and Cape Town, the world is yours to explore. Stay tuned for further updates on upcoming flight routes and start planning your next epic adventure today!