Tips for travel to Cancun

Cancun is the perfect place for all kinds of holidays. From a breathtaking turquoise sea, endless white-sand beaches to spectacular hotels, amazing cuisine, and exciting nightlife, this destination is ideal for any budget, from friends or family reunions to romantic getaways, solo travelers, and watersport lovers.

To make sure you’re fully prepared for all the fun that the city has to offer. We’re here to tell you some travel tips you might need to know before you fly off to your holiday destination!

Tips for travel to Cancun

  1. Prepare for the Sun:

Cancun is blessed with sunny days and warm weather all year round. It is also home to many breathtaking resorts, beaches, and other seaside habitats to explore. These two major factors lead to the majority of visitors spending most of their time outdoors.

Without proper protection from the sun, sunburns are waiting to happen. Make sure to pack sunscreen and prepare for the sunny days in Cancun.

  1. Be Wise about Water:

It is important to use waterproof sunscreen since you’re going to be swimming in the water. Normal sunscreen will wash off in the water and will leave you exposed to the sun’s rays.

It is also very important that you, your family, and friends are strong swimmers. Although the Gulf’s waters are usually peaceful and calm, they are still receptive to currents and the occasional storms.

  1. Making smart choices with your money:

Travelling to any country can make things harder as far as money is concerned. There is much to worry about, from exchange rates to price scams, theft, and other crimes. In Cancun, it is greatly recommended to exchange the dollars for pesos in small portions. Since you can only use the pesos in Mexico, you don’t need to get any more than you will use.

US dollars are accepted in some places also, but be wary of carrying large amounts of cash on you. Even if you want to use your debit or credit card, you will still have to take some money with you wherever you go. Several institutions in Cancun do not accept debit or credit cards.

  1. Travelling with the right documentation:

You need to acquire a Tourist Card (FMT) to enter Mexico. Even though the Tourist Card is supplied by most airlines, you will still require verification of your citizenship to obtain one.

Forms of accepted evidence of citizenship include passports, notarized affidavits of citizenship, naturalization papers, or voter registration cards. A photo ID is also very helpful, and a passport can serve as both a photo ID and proof of citizenship. Make sure to save your copy of the Tourist Card, as you have to present this copy when you’re leaving Mexico.

  1. The electric socket used in Cancun:

Mexico operates on a voltage supply of 127V and 60Hz. It is always better to pack a universal travel adaptor so that you can use all your electronic devices.

  1. Language spoken in Cancun:

The official language of Cancun is Spanish. But most people, especially those who work in hotels and tour activities, speak good English.