Tips for travel to Italy

You should know some things before making your trip to Italy to help you immensely and make your journey a little easier. Not because Italy is such a big country, but because it is rich with diversity and culture, which can cause travelers to feel a little overwhelmed.

Let’s get start!

Tips for travel to Italy
Tips for travel to Italy
  1. Getting lost:

Even if you desire the idea of getting lost in Italy, it is always better to download an offline map on your mobile (or even use the Google Maps offline feature). This will save you loads of time when trying to navigate the twisty streets of Firenze, Venice, and just about any Tuscan village, you visit.

  1. Learn basic phrases:

This is a necessity for any country that you visit. It would be practical to learn at least a few phrases, such as asking for directions, asking the price of something, saying please, excuse me and thank you, etc. These phrases will also help you if you get lost or get separated from your tour group or whoever you’ve gone to Italy with.


  1. The islands:

There is so much to explore in Italy than just the mainland. Be sure to head over to the many different islands too. Elba Sicily, Levanzo, and Sardinia are a few of the many Mediterranean islands just waiting to be discovered.


  1. Buying fake designer brands is illegal:

Italy is known for its fashion brands such as Dolce & Gabbana, Gucci, Prada, etc. It is always tempting to want to bring home souvenirs, particularly if you can find a great copy of famous brands at almost half the price. A lot of foreigners are hawking fake designer bags; however, it is illegal in Italy.

Many merchants carry the products on their arms or lay them out on a piece of cloth with a chord around to easily pull it and run when the police are nearby. This happens all the time, and people usually get away with it, but it is better to be safe than sorry.


  1. Drinking water:

Cities like Florence, Rome, and Venice all have entirely clean, safe, and free drinking water in the town squares. You can fill a reusable bottle or the store-bought one and save yourself lots of money.



  1. Sturdy shoes:

It is common sense that you should wear comfortable shoes when walking long distances in a new place. Then there’s Italy with all the uneven pavement, potholes, cobblestone streets, and narrow sidewalks.

If you can, find a good balance between style and comfort. Do not wear beach sandals in Italy, as other than being tasteless, and it is also very dangerous. Your feet will be filthy, the unstable sandals will not protect your feet, and there is also the risk of them breaking during your trip.


  1. No substitutions at restaurants:

If you ask for a substitution for something on the menu, you will insult the chef and make everyone’s job more difficult. Food is taken very severely in Italy and is not to be changed.

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