Travelzoo’s Bold Move: Introducing Membership Fees in 2024


In a surprising turn of events, Travelzoo, the renowned travel and entertainment deals platform, recently announced a significant shift in its membership structure. For the past 25 years, Travelzoo has been a reliable source of inspiration for wanderlust enthusiasts, offering exclusive travel and entertainment offers. However, in a bid to enhance the value it provides to its members, Travelzoo is set to introduce an annual membership fee starting January 1, 2024.

You can join for free until the end of the year here.

The Email Announcement:

In a recent email sent out to existing members, Travelzoo explained its decision to implement an annual fee of £30 for new members joining the platform. This bold move aims to elevate the Travelzoo membership experience by providing more offers, increased savings, and additional member benefits. As a token of appreciation for their loyalty, existing members will receive the 2024 membership for free, solidifying their continued access to Travelzoo’s exclusive deals.

The Advantages for Existing Members:

Existing Travelzoo members are set to enjoy two key advantages amid these changes. Firstly, their 2024 membership will be complimentary, allowing them to seamlessly continue accessing the platform’s enticing offers. Secondly, until December 31, 2023, existing members have the opportunity to invite friends to join Travelzoo for free, extending the platform’s reach and community.

The Bold Move and Its Implications:

Charging a membership fee is undeniably a bold move for Travelzoo, a platform that has traditionally relied on its expansive database to attract travel companies and advertisers. The decision to charge new members reflects the platform’s commitment to quality over quantity, aiming to create a curated community of passionate travel enthusiasts.

By implementing an annual fee, Travelzoo signals a shift in its business model, moving away from dependence on advertising revenue from travel companies. While this move may be surprising to some, it aligns with Travelzoo’s vision of offering a more exclusive and valuable experience to its members.

The Future Landscape for Travelzoo:

As Travelzoo charts this new course, the platform will likely face challenges in striking the right balance between generating revenue from membership fees and maintaining a substantial user base. The success of this transition will hinge on the platform’s ability to continue delivering exceptional travel and entertainment deals that justify the annual membership fee for both new and existing members.


Travelzoo’s decision to introduce an annual membership fee is undoubtedly a bold move that reflects the platform’s commitment to enhancing the member experience. While this change may raise eyebrows among some users, it also signifies Travelzoo’s dedication to quality and exclusivity. As Travelzoo moves into this new chapter, the travel community will be watching closely to see how this decision shapes the platform’s future and whether it successfully positions Travelzoo as the go-to club for passionate travel enthusiasts.

You can join for free until the end of the year here.