What does this new £5000 fine mean for my summer holiday?

You may have seen in the news today about a £5000 fine for people travelling abroad, you can read the full story here on the BBC, but I want to discuss what this means for those wishing to book a Summer holiday in 2021.


Here are 8 things to keep in mind


  1. There is still a very good chance that international will resume in time for a Summer holiday. There is a planned published review of travel on the 12th April, but the earliest possible date that travel will be allowed is the 12th May. Of course, this could still get extended to a later date.
  2. It is likely the fine is in place to discourage holidays during the normally very busy Easter period.
  3. Although the legislation is until June, this doesn’t mean that travel will be banned until then, they can review and remove before this date, likely to be announced 12 April.
  4. This new legislation just further enforces the ban that was already in place, it isn’t a new ban!
  5. There is a surge in cases in Europe so it is likely even once travel resumes, there will be restrictions in place for some destinations.
  6. If you have a Summer holiday booked – we would advise you not yet to panic as we think they will go ahead.
  7. If you are thinking of booking a summer holiday, we recommend waiting until the announcement on 12th April.
  8. If you have booked with a reputable ATOL bonded travel agent, your holiday money will be safe and there will be options to cancel, refund or amend should travel not be allowed.


So whilst right now may not be the best time to be booking a summer holiday, do not give up hope! In the meantime check out our Travel Offers from Manchester and get dreaming!