9 Things You Should Do Every Time You Travel

Traveling is so much more than just visiting a place and going to all the touristy spots. It is an experience from which you can learn and develop yourself as a person. Some of the best travel memories that you will make will be associated with small things such as conversation with a local shop owner or a subway ride in which something exciting happened. You should always be ready to explore the less documented spots of the city because we assure you that you will be able to find the diamond in the rough. In this article, we will discuss some of the tips that will make your trip so much more exciting and memorable.

1. Always Check for On Going Regional Festivals 

The spirit of traveling lies in immersing yourself in somebody else’s culture.  The easiest way to learn about a city’s heritage is to be a part of their cultural events and celebrations therefore always try to check for the ongoing festivals and events at the moment.

But if you’re on a strict budget, you should avoid public holidays as all the hotels, flights, local transports cost more than usual due to the high demand.

2. Interact with The Locals.

Making friends with the locals is always a great way to form a strong bond with the country.  By learning small phrases in their language such as “Have a good day” or “thank you” you slowly make your way into the hearts of locals. These kind of little efforts goes a long way as people open up so much when they find you friendly and willing to respect their culture.

You can take tips from the locals as well about the underrated places that you can visit so that you have much more to tell your travel mates when you come back home. 

3. Take Public Transportation

What’s a better way of getting the full scope of the city than by taking public transportation? Local transportation is the best way to grasp the beauty of different neighborhoods. It can be daunting sometimes when you don’t know the language but what’s traveling without a little bit of thrill. However, try to keep a map with you and take good care of your personal belonging, just to be on the safe side.

4. Avoid the Tacky Souvenirs

Never go for the tacky tourist’s market. Try to hit the local stores and get something cultural and traditional that you’ll cherish every single day of your life rather than buying the obvious tourist trinket which is just a waste of your money.  

6. Eat Somewhere Local

While you’re chatting with the locals it’s always a good idea to ask them what their favorite nearby restaurant is. It’s so much fun to follow a local’s choice rather than googles recommendation.  The secret to traveling well lies in trying local food whenever you’re exploring a new place. 

7. Excursion Within an Excursion

If you have planned to stay in one destination city, make a point to plan for a day trip to a close by city or town. Most of the times all the very well hyped tourist destinations, though popular for a reason, undermine some equally amazing maybe smaller nearby locales that you might end up regret missing.

8.Experience the Night Life

Every city’s scenario and energy completely changes when the sun sets so whether you’re a night owl or not, do try to visit the nightlife. Depending upon the culture of the city you’re visiting, the nightlife might consist of candlelit cafés live music in bars, loud pulsing clubs, or candlelit cafés just get dressed up and jump into whatever fun that awaits you.

9. Get Outside Your Comfort Zone

Whenever you travel always try to get outside your comfort zone, it may be hard for some people but try to eat something new, try to face your fears, resist the urge to plan, plan, plan and just go with the flow. Whatever your comfort zone is, always make an effort to push yourself outside of it. A truly memorable and extraordinary trip will teach you something new and different about yourself and change your perspective about a lot of things.