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Seville is the capital of Andalusia and it has a rich Moorish heritage that is visible throughout the city. The city is popularly associated with three things which are tapas, Flamenco, and Toros. Seville is a great destination for all kinds of tourists as it is dotted by varieties of activities that you can try out. From its Moorish and Catholic monuments to the enchanting old neighborhoods, some of the top attractions to visit in Seville are listed below.

Top attractions in Seville

Seville Cathedral

This is a top attraction that you must not miss while in Seville. You will surely lose track of time just staring at this enchanting building. The Seville Cathedral is considered the largest cathedral in the world based on volume and it is listed among the World Heritage Site. While exploring the church, you are going to discover hints of the mosque that was once in this spot like the Court of the Orange trees located on the northern part which is where the Muslims performed ablutions. The highlight of the church is the tomb of Christopher Columbus which will leave you awestruck.

Real Alcázar

This is a mind-blowing UNESCO-listed palace complex that is used by the Spanish royal family. This is a great place to go if you want an insight into the life of the royal family and you can easily explore the staterooms and halls on the upper level by paying extra. The palace is a top spot to go for architecture enthusiasts as the complex features Mudejar style architecture which was developed during the 14th century by Pedro the Cruel. You are also going to discover a glimpse of the original Almohad Palace on the Patio del Yeso. Some of the best things to do here are to wander around the courtyard, relax in the lush greenery of the gardens, enjoy great views at the Grutesco Gallery, and so on.

Plaza de España

This is an enormous monument that was constructed for the Ibero-American Exposition in 1929 and can be found in Maria Luisa Park. The monument is encircled by a canal and it overlooks a large palace. The palace houses some of the administrative buildings in the city and you should make sure you do not miss the gallery. You are going to see busts of important national figures and installations for every province in Spain. You are also going to see fascinating displays that showcase details such as popular monuments and the local food in each part of the country. The monument is a great place to go for history and culture lovers as you will be mesmerized by the wealth of attractions to explore here.

Archaeological Museum

This museum is among the ensemble that was constructed for the Ibero-American Exposition and it displays collections of artefacts from the archaeological sites around the province of Seville. The highlight of the museum is the collections from the Bronze Age such as the Treasure of El Carombolo which dates back to the 8th century. This treasure belonged to either the Phoenicians or the local Tartessos Culture that lived on the Guadalquivir River’s banks. The treasure is 21 pieces of gold jewelry and the replicas were on display for years before the original items were installed in 2012.


Italica is the birthplace of the Roman Emperors Trajan and Hadrian and it is not far from Seville. The site is an enormous archaeological site and the best attraction here is the amphitheater. The amphitheater features 25,000 spectators’ seat and you can also wander around the tunnels that are beneath the terraces of the seating where you will see subterranean structure in the center of the arena. You are also going to find foundations of temples and mansions where you will see complete mosaics in the area.

Giralda Bell Tower

This tower is among the key architectural attractions in Seville. The tower was once a part of the minaret of the great mosque in Seville which is now in ruins. The minaret was constructed during the Almohad period and was topped with giant copper globes before it fell off in an earthquake in 1365. The minaret was then replaced with Christian cross and bell tower by the ruling conquistadors. You can head to the top of the tower for mind-blowing views.

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