Outrageous Stag Party Goes Wild on Tui Flight, Forcing Disembarkment and a 3-Hour Nightmare Delay

A stag party caused chaos and a three-hour delay on a Tui flight from Cardiff to Bulgaria when they were ordered off the plane after their disruptive behavior infuriated other passengers. The group of seven revellers became angered when they were told they would not be served alcohol and started wolf whistling at the cabin crew and swearing in response.

Security was called to the plane, and five members of the group, including one dressed as a pilot, agreed to leave. However, the remaining two members continued to be abusive and refused to disembark, leading to furious scenes as other passengers demanded their removal. Eventually, after one of them squared up to security, they were persuaded to leave the aircraft.

As a result of the incident, the flight departed at 4:30 pm, nearly three hours behind schedule. One passenger expressed their dissatisfaction with Tui, stating that the airline should not have allowed the group to board the flight in the first place. They described the stag party’s behavior in the terminal before the flight as extremely noisy and unnerving, particularly for the passengers in the surrounding rows.

The passenger emphasised the need to highlight the consequences of excessive alcohol consumption before a flight, both for the other passengers and the disruptive group themselves.

Another passenger recalled that the stewardess informed the group during boarding that they would not be served alcohol on the flight, which did not go down well with them. The group continued to be loud, using profanity, and even made remarks to other female passengers. The stewardess tried to address their behavior, but instead of heeding the warning, they cheered her and wolf-whistled.

Tui issued an apology to the customers on board the flight for the delay caused by the disruptive passengers. They stated that the safety and security of their customers and crew are of utmost importance, and they have a zero-tolerance policy towards disruptive behavior. The customers involved were offloaded from the flight, allowing it to continue its journey.

The stag party’s unruly behaviour and refusal to comply with cabin crew instructions resulted in a significant delay and inconvenience for other passengers on the Tui flight. The incident highlights the importance of responsible alcohol consumption and the enforcement of rules to ensure a safe and pleasant travel experience for everyone on board.