Riyadh Air: The new airline that plans to wow you.

Riyadh Air, a new Saudi Arabian airline set to take off in 2025, is already creating a buzz in the aviation industry with its ambitious goal of connecting Riyadh, the capital of Saudi Arabia, to 100 destinations by 2030.

Even though the airline is two years away from its launch, it has taken a deliberate approach to generate excitement and establish its position as the world’s first truly digital airline.

CEO Tony Douglas believes that starting early allows them to craft a compelling narrative around the brand and set the right expectations for the future. Embracing a digital-first strategy, Riyadh Air has opted to leverage digital channels, including social media platforms like YouTube and Instagram, to reach and engage with potential passengers.

During the Paris Air Show, Riyadh Air unveiled its visually striking purple livery, which CEO Tony Douglas described as something you would expect to see on the cover of Vogue—stunning and stylish. However, this is just the first of two livery designs, with the second set to be revealed later this year as part of a carefully planned “tease and reveal” strategy. By gradually unveiling aspects of the airline through social media, Riyadh Air aims to build anticipation and curiosity among its audience.

The airline’s focus extends beyond its external appearance. While specific details about the onboard experience are yet to be disclosed, Riyadh Air has already announced that it will offer economy, premium economy, and business class cabins, omitting first class. Vice President of Guest Experience, Anton Vidgen, explained this decision by highlighting the shrinking gap between business and first class in the premium market segment and the significant private jet market catering to passengers who might have previously chosen first class.

Despite not offering a first-class option, Riyadh Air positions itself as a premium super-premium airline committed to being the best in class. Vidgen emphasized that their business class, premium economy, and economy products will all be top-notch, rejecting the notion of incremental improvements in passenger services. Instead, Riyadh Air aims to take a fresh approach, leveraging technology to redefine the guest experience.

Being a startup airline provides Riyadh Air with an advantage in terms of adopting modern technology. Unlike legacy carriers burdened by siloed legacy systems, Riyadh Air can integrate its airport experience, lounges, onboard services, pre-booking, and destination information seamlessly. This integration promises a more cohesive and streamlined experience for passengers.

Riyadh Air’s commitment to sustainability is also evident. Building on CEO Tony Douglas’s previous role at Etihad, the airline aims to prioritize commercial aviation sustainability as a differentiating factor. Anton Vidgen highlighted waste minimization and accurate inventory forecasting as key elements in reducing onboard waste. Riyadh Air is exploring new operational structures and galley technologies to promote recycling and eco-friendly practices.

In line with their sustainability goals, Riyadh Air is an advocate of APEX Greener, powered by SimpliFlying, a database of sustainable suppliers in the aviation industry. Anton Vidgen, as President of the APEX Board of Directors, expressed his excitement about the initiative, as it encourages and promotes suppliers committed to sustainable practices. Riyadh Air intends to utilize this resource and hopes other airlines will follow suit, fostering a more sustainable and responsible industry.

As Riyadh Air prepares to take flight, it promises to revolutionise the airline industry by embracing digital innovation, offering premium services, and prioritising sustainability. Travellers can look forward to an airline experience that is not only digitally seamless but also environmentally conscious, marking the dawn of a new era for airlines worldwide.

Source; www.apex.aero