St Lucia New Entry Requirements

Travelers to the Caribbean Island of St. Lucia will now need to complete a new digital form ahead of arrival.

The Electronic Immigration Form, requires travelers to submit their itinerary and contact information. The form must be completed within 72 hours of arrival.

The digital form also asks about the nature of travel, such as business, wedding, or visiting family. 

Despite the fact that St. Lucia removed all COVID-19 entry restrictions, the new form has several health related questions such as if a traveler has any symptoms or contact with someone who had a communicable disease.

The form indicated that any false declarations will be fined XCD $1,000 (or £308 USD). 

The tourism department for St. Lucia shares on its website that they strongly encourage all travelers to submit the digital form a maximum of 3 days prior to arrival, but for those who do not submit in advance, they will be required to complete and submit a paper version on-site at the airport. 

“We have been listening to our nationals, visitors, and investors who are seeking seamless travel experiences backed by confidence in the management of the destination’s entry processes,” assistant superintendent in charge of the Department of Immigration for the island, Sean Alexander, said.

Travelers only need to submit one form on behalf of an entire party travelling, and after submitting the form travelers will receive an emailed receipt with a QR Code to present to local authorities upon arriving, according to the government’s website. 

The form is very straightforward and easy for even less technology minded travellers . The island’s tourism department points out that the form can even be completed upon an arriving flight with in-flight wifi, to help expedite the arrival process for passengers. 

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