Where to find COVID information for travel

The coronavirus, or COVID-19, has been inciting panic worldwide since the last year. It is a new virus; hence no one has immunity. It is considered to be highly contagious, so it spreads fast. The scientists are not completely sure regarding its nature and how it behaves under various conditions as they have very little history to refer to.

Where to find COVID information for travel

The basic restrictions:

The United Kingdom has seen one of the largest numbers of deaths from Covid-19 in the whole world, resulting in several lockdowns. In England, most legal Covid restrictions have been lifted at present, but there are still many limitations in place regarding travel. Such as in Wales, Scotland, and Northern Ireland.


All travellers entering the United Kingdom, including all British citizens, must submit a negative Covid-19 test taken within three days of arrival.

Non-essential international travel to and from Wales, England, Scotland, and Northern Ireland currently takes place under a risk-based colour system, dividing various countries into red, amber, and green categories.

  1. Red Countries:

The red list includes South Africa, Namibia, India, and the United Arab Emirates. All UK residents traveling from these destinations can enter the country but are required to quarantine on arrival in a hotel and follow some testing conditions.

If you have arrived from a red country and your last destination is in Northern Ireland or Wales, you will have to book a hotel in Scotland or England.

The Republic of Ireland has completely separate entrance regulations, which are imposed when crossing the border.

British residents arriving in the UK from red list destinations must go through a ten-day hotel quarantine.

  1. Amber Countries:

All UK residents who have been completely vaccinated via the UK vaccine program returning to Wales, England, or Scotland from an amber country do not need to quarantine.

However, those arriving in Northern Ireland have to quarantine for ten days at home upon arrival and take some tests.

Fully vaccinated UK travellers arriving in the United Kingdom from France must quarantine for ten days and follow the initial amber rules.

  1. Green countries:

Travellers arriving from or departing to a green country must undergo a pre-departure test and several other tests. They, however, do not need to quarantine.

Many of the green list destinations do not currently permit non-essential UK travellers to enter.

The United Kingdom government regularly analyses the green list. There is also a green watch list that includes the countries at risk of moving from green to amber.


What should the visitors expect?

The UK has come out from the lockdown, and many Covid-19 restrictions have been lifted. But the UK government has still advised everyone to maintain social distance and limit close contact with other people. All shops and public places such as museums, parks, and cinemas have reopened, although nightclubs have remained shut in many areas.

Travel within the United Kingdom and abroad is permitted under the traffic light system.

There is no definitive date when all Covid-19 restrictions will be removed.

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