Which airline charges the most for extras?

Budget airlines have gained notoriety for tacking on additional expenses subsequent to booking seemingly low-cost flights, a practice that originated around 2008. These supplementary charges can encompass various aspects such as reserving seats, extra baggage allowances, and even meals. The cumulative effect of these charges can be substantial, and the airline with the most pronounced instance of this has been unveiled.

Research undertaken by NetVoucherCodes has unveiled Wizz Air as the carrier imposing the highest hidden fee costs, amounting to £93.56. The analysis scrutinized add-ons such as a 20kg check-in bag, hand luggage, fast track services, seat selection, onboard WiFi, and insurance.

The most substantial concealed charge identified for Wizz Air pertained to checked-in baggage, commanding a fee of £42.75. This was followed by charges for carry-on baggage (£34.29) and seat selection (£11.15).

According to a representative from Wizz Air, these supplementary fees are “optional” and offer passengers greater flexibility. The spokesperson emphasized that the costs for these optional extras are transparently outlined on the airline’s official website and app. They elucidated that Wizz Air adopts an ultra-low-cost carrier model, necessitating the offering of optional add-ons at an extra cost, such as preferential seating or checked luggage. This approach allows passengers to pay exclusively for the services they require, facilitating the provision of cost-effective and enticing travel opportunities. Wizz Air also ensures that passengers who have directly booked with the airline are adequately informed about check-in procedures and other pertinent details well ahead of their flight.

Though Ryanair did not tally the highest cumulative extra fees, they emerged as the leader when these fees were contrasted with their base flight prices. The investigation disclosed that the extra charges equated to a staggering 344 percent increase over a standard base fare of £18.39.

Contrastingly, British Airways featured as the airline with the most economical hidden fees, charging a mere £31.99 for add-ons.

Rebecca Bebbington, a travel financial expert at NetVoucherCodes, proffered her own recommendations to circumvent incurring these supplementary charges. She advised travelers to consolidate their belongings into a carry-on bag to evade baggage fees, noting that these bags are typically exempt from charges on budget airlines. Bebbington also recommended refraining from selecting seats during booking and instead opting to choose seats during online check-in, typically available within a 24-hour timeframe. For group travelers, booking tickets together enhances the probability of securing adjacent seats sans additional charges for seat selection. Lastly, for extended flights, researching meal options prior to departure can prevent unexpected expenses for in-flight dining.